OPPO A54 Handsets – A Perfect Combination of Convenience and Advanced Functionality


OPPO A54 is arguably the most exciting smartphone in this segment. It comes with features that are simply unmatched. The device is powerful and packed with high powered features such as abuilt-in FM radio, rear panel memory card, micro SD support, and notification LED. The OPPO A54 also comes with a unique feature – the ability to use its keyboard as a touch screen. Though some believe the OPPO A54 is simply overpriced, it has managed to bring down the cost of the smartphone to an all time low by bundling its accessories with the handset.

These days, all leading brands including Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and others are gearing towards offering handsets with a cutting edge technology inside. This includes cutting edge mobile technologies like Android operating system, 2G mobile technology, and Windows Mobile. However, none of the above catches the attention of enough users, who instead prefer to opt for stylish handsets that perform efficiently. With this, OPPO A54 is surely a handset that deserves to be in the race. OPPO A54

The OPPO A54 is all set to redefine the way people use mobiles. Designed from the ground up for mobility, the device enables true connectivity at a fraction of the normal price of the conventional smartphones. The handset is equipped with a high-speed radio, and supports microSD slot. Further, the Wi-Fi on the A54 allows the user to connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots without any problem. In addition, the OPPO A 1954 also comes with wi-fi sensors, which detect nearby wireless routers, and automatically connect to them.

The OPPO A54 comes with a remarkable Dual SIM design. This allows two separate lines of calls and connectivity with the help of a single device. Dual SIM means that one can take advantage of the international calling cards as well as the local calling cards from any country, as per the convenience of their location. Apart from this, the OPPO A54 comes with a stunning multimedia features and a 3D camera with digital zoom and panoramic imaging. This, in turn, gives the user an enhanced experience of browsing the net.

The OPPO A54 has two camera sets namely, Primary camera setup and a secondary camera setup. With the primary camera setup, the user can capture images using their cell phone camera, and the images are automatically sent to the primary contacts through OTT communication services like SMS, MMS and GPRS. On the other hand, the Secondary camera setup comes with a 2-megapixel camera setup, and is used for video chatting purposes. If the user wishes to take pictures with the primary camera, they can do so by clicking on the image capture button on the OPPO A54’s home screen, and then transferring the photos through OTT services like iContact or Dropbox. The photos uploaded to these services will appear on the connected social networking websites.

These handsets from OPPO have also won several awards from popular mobile phone brands, including the Best Cheap Smart Phone and the Best Portable Smart Phone. Apart from the impressive performance and the advanced features, OPPO A54 also has a beautiful design and is equipped with a chic metal body. The dual SIM card enables the user to make use of both the handsets as per their convenience. Thus, OPPO A54 gives you an unmatched experience with its all round versatility.

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