VIVO Y33s Smartphone With Six Months Guarantee


VIVO Y33s – Affordable and Availability The new Android handset from Indian manufacturer – VIVO Y33s is priced reasonably and offers a complete experience. With a powerful chipset and plenty of memory and storage space, this handset has all what it takes to make an excellent smart phone. The cost of the smartphone is affordable and there are several retailers in the country who sell handsets at attractive price rates. The deal for this handset is not too exclusive and other Indian brands like Samsung and LG also offer the same processor and screen that are present on this handset. The deal is all the more attractive because it is not too hot and people can get the handset even cheaper.

Availability Of the VIVO Y33s In India, one can easily find the gadget at prominent online mobile retails like Viva Phones and Spice mobiles stores. The availability of the handset is quite quick and the price range is quite reasonable. There is no doubt that the pricing and the availability of the handset will leave many people wondering about its worth in the market. The VIVO Y 33s is available in various colour options and there are some variant colours that are not readily available in the markets. vivo y33s

Value For Money A high end mobile phone is always considered a good buy and the prices of the handsets become even higher when they have superior features. But in case of the VIVO Y 33s, one gets not only a top class feature packed smartphone with all the modern features, but also a value for money device. The battery life of the device is long and users do not have to worry about the performance and the speed of the device because the device lasts long. One does not have to pay a lot of money in getting the connectivity and a camera as well, in case the cellular network is not present in the area where the user lives.

Value For Money This is not a budget handset by any means, but it certainly is very much affordable. There are some models in the market which can be had for well over a hundred and fifty pounds, and this device definitely falls under this bracket. A value for money handset is the VIVO Y 33s, and it fulfils all the expectation of many who would buy it. There are a primary camera setup (with a normal lens and an image sensor) and a second camera which are a high-end digital camcorder.

Value For Money The price of the handset is quite affordable and it does not burn a hole in the pocket. There is no doubt that the VIVO Y 33s is a highly advanced device that is equipped with some highly advanced features. However, it is still a very affordable handset and does not fall short of its competitors. The Mediatek processor on board allows the device to run quite efficiently and does not give it a slow browsing speed, which is something that most people would look for in an ideal smartphone.

Battery Life The battery life of the VIVO Y 33s is remarkable. It lasts till 7 hours and it even has a spare battery in the handbag. When the charge is used up, the phone comes back to life automatically and the process is repeated till the charge is sufficient again. This kind of battery life is not common with phones like the iPhone and HTC, which have their own unique approaches to conserve power. The phone comes with a nice big battery and is therefore suitable for usage during the day. The VIVO Y 33s is an exemplary device for anyone who wants a phone that lasts long, does not get affected by frequent recharging and has a lot of memory to keep the user entertained.

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